A Treasure Hunt for Image Consultants

India is among the most vibrant cultures in the world, she is defined by her colorful festivals, big fat weddings, rich history and warmth. One of the greatest examples being the festival of Holi, a spring festival dedicated to celebrate colors. Indian weddings are a grandeur showcase of colors and a mind-boggling variety of fabrics and design inspired by their regional heritage. India adds an enormous amount of emotion to express their colorful side.

“Did you know? The saree, a native of the Indian Sub-Continent has at least over 80 varieties”


This precisely makes India a wonderful ground, unexplored by the science of image consultation to balance the latent market of realizing their potential to look the best and infuse with self-confidence. Hence in this article I am going to focus towards the importance of colors and shades that bring out the best aspects of India in Indians.

Colors play a very pivotal role in every aspect of our life and understanding its true potential can unlock new worlds of success. Colors impact, the way you are perceived by others, the way someone thinks of you, their actions towards you and their subsequent reactions, as one of the world’s greatest scientists opine. Colors can make or break relationships, decide the fate of e-commerce giants, sometimes political and religious associations are communicated simply by the color adorned and have profound influence on your health and peace of mind.

Did you know? The reference of human chakras can be found in Vedas which date back to

1700 – 1100 BC”

India has distinct seasonal patterns. The weather conditions change greatly from one season to another. Similarly, different coloring pattern is found in people as we move from one part to another of the country. While winter palette brings out the best in most Kashmiris, majority people of Rajasthan are in harmony with the summer palette, spring and autumn, on the other hand, would determine the wow colors in other parts of the country in general, though the prescription would be more personalized. Hence, providing a great scope of color analysis within the country

On a concluding note, India is a wonderful opportunity for image consultants who love to explore, reinvent by understanding the diverse, pulsating culture of India adding to it the science of image consulting customized to bring out the best of Indian traditions.

-Blog by Oshin Halder,

Alumni, ISIM.