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Kick-start your career and get the tools & systems you need to be successful!

Enroll for a dual certification program, conducted over a period of 3 to 5 months and includes 210 hours of classroom training, mentoring along with self learning & training resources. The course is approved for AICI CEUs which is affiliated by International Image Institute Canada.


What is an Image Consultant?

An Image Consultant is a professional who guides and counsels a client on image management and enhancement. They specializes in the four resources of image i.e. Appearance, Behavior, Communication, and Digital Presence and creates a customized structured plan to create an Authentic, Appropriate, Attractive & Affordable image for the client. Few Qualities of an image consultant are:
  • People Skills: An image consultant has an ability to effectively communicate, understand and empathize. They interact with others respectfully & develop a productive working relationship by building trust and sincerity. An image consultant treats each person with the highest regard also respects client’s privacy and confidentiality.
  • Professional Excellence: An image consultant never stops learning and keep enhancing their skills through each client experience and new avenues of training & research. They believe in quality and focuses on creating rich and innovative experiences.
  • Well Groomed: An Image consultant understands and appreciates the importance of non-verbal communication creating a massive impact on the first impression. Hence, you will always find them impeccably dressed, poised and making a great presence
  • Integrity: An image consultant operate ethically and morally in every situation
  • Positive: An image consultant stays open to possibilities, look for opportunities, and focus on desired results with a sense of fun, freedom & balance.


7 modules provide a thorough and solid foundation, inspiration, and transformation in all aspects of image – appearance, behaviour, communications and digital presence. The course includes 7 modules under two categories: 1) Essentials 2) Advanced Holistic.You also get lifetime access to the online training portal for updates!
  • Colour Analysis
  • Image Management
  • Image for Men
  • Holistic Systems for Personal Change
  • Etiquette Protocol
  • Communication Management
  • Power Presentations

Download the Course Brochure & Curriculum

The program also Includes

  • Program, presentation, and consultation materials and templates
  • Personal & professional development systems and tools
  • All assessment forms in original format for self-branding and printing
  • Professional development, business development, and marketing tools and templates
  • Personal coaching in-class; mentorship and feedback on assignments
  • The course is approved for AICI CEUs
  • As an ISIM alumnus, discounts on image consulting products & future masterclasses
  • Lifetime access to our online training portal
  • BONUS: With Image Management Dual Certificate Program, you get your first year of AICI membership complimentary!