Image Management

Image Management is the principal domain of vocational education at ISIM. It thrives with the mission of providing affordable and accessible world class image education to everyone. It is an epitome of finely curated holistic curriculum, international certified and industry expert faculty as well as transformative approach that ensures the professional and personal growth of anyone who becomes a part of the ISIM Tribe. 

What is Image Management?

Image Management is a conscious ongoing process of evaluating and enhancing our image and how others perceive us and therefore respond to us. It is about creating first impressions and more importantly an impactful presence. It gives us the power to control, modify or improve the image that we want to project to others 

Image Enhancement includes an understanding of ourselves, our tastes, our likes & dislikes, our personality, our roles & goals. It is achieved by using 4 resources of Image management those are Appearance, Behavior, Communicationthe ABC of Image. 

These 4 resources, in perfect alignment of our goals, dreams, personality, values, and lifestyle helps us create an authentic image of ourselves. 


Under Department

The Image Management Dual Certification program guides you to discover your passion to help people transform, and acquaints you with three key elements of Image that include Appearance, Behavior, Communication. It was designed to bring international standards of education in the field of Image Consulting 

It is divided into two modules namely Essential’s module and Advanced Holistic module to ensure that you go above and beyond while preparing for a successful Image Consulting career. You learn to create a customized structured plan for an authentic, appropriate, attractive & affordable image for the client. This program can be completed on campus or fully online. 

Career Opportunities

There are limitless career opportunities to grow professionally, garner recognition in the industry and earn an impressive income. We have listed the career opportunities in Image Consulting below: 

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Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?

Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?