Correlation Between Image Management & Internal Healing


Our outer self is what we present to the world, and we usually try to curate it to reflect the best. However, problems arise when this becomes a habitual pattern at the expense of our true feelings.

Problems begin when the inner self and outer self-conflict or out of balance. In its simplest terms, a conflict between the inner and outer self refers to a mismatch.

It is very important for an individual’s internal image ie. the perception that we have about ourselves.

And external image ie. the image or personality that we portray on the outside, to be in sync with each other so that we can become the best version of ourselves and lead a happy and fulfilling life.

As an Image consultant, if we can bring about this balance, then we can surely become successful in bringing out the best in a person and also help a person reach their optimum productivity and capacity.

Seven Colors Connected To Our Seven Chakras

So our job certainly starts from internal healing and then goes on to work with aligning the internal core values with the external appearance, behavior, communication, and personality development of an individual.

Colour Analysis is one of the best examples of the relationship between External Image Management and Internal Healing.

Personality Traits Connected To Color

The poem I have written below is inspired by a real-life story of a very close friend who is a Dominant Creative Personality and a Subordinate Dramatic Personality.

She would wear beautiful combinations like green & pink or yellow with red and felt happy. However, she did not have very good communication skills and came to a big city like Mumbai from a small town.

Her newly made friends made fun of her for her creative and dramatic style of dressing and laughed at her language skills. An extrovert personality like her went into her shell and got depressed.

Her confidence took a hit and she started wearing colors like grey, white and black. She then did a course on Healing and her mentors helped her come out of this dark shell.

She regained her confidence and once again started wearing the creative color combinations that made her happy and also suited her personal coloring.

Our Personal Season Colors

A very important point that she had mentioned to me was that if she was told to wear bold and bright colors when she was in a depressed state of mind.

It would have created a conflict between her internal feelings and her external personality and would have caused more complications and confusion in her life. So healing was very important before she could get back to those bright and beautiful colors.

The Yellow Dress

God has blessed me with loads of success
Page 3 parties I attend with high class guests
My Image consultant says I should be the best dressed
But how do I explain that internally I am depressed
Yellow is the colour my image consultant suggests
Which will help me portray an image of joy and happiness
That’s exactly how I am supposed to feel with my kind of success
But how do I explain that internally I am depressed
I need to internally feel that joy and happiness
For me to confidently adorn that yellow dress
I need internal healing to come out of this mess
To look gorgeous I need to feel my best.
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Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?

Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?