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To understand what exactly Image Consulting is, you first need to understand what is an Image? And why is it so important to have an incredible image to succeed in life?

Let’s keep it simple.

Your image is how others perceive you as an individual. It is your identity that the world sees and reacts to every single day.

To make it even easier to understand, let me break down ‘Image’ into three components/ dimensions:

Image Components: Visual, Vocal & Verbal
  1. Visual – This consists of clothing, grooming, body language, and other physical attributes. This is also termed as Appearance.
  2. Vocal – Listening skills, public speaking, language. This is also termed as Behavior.
  3. Verbal – Paralinguistic (pitch, volume, intonation, etc.), writing skills, presentation skills. This is also termed as Communication.

To control, modify and improve these three dimensions is known as Image Management. Hence, these three dimensions are also known as the ABCs of Image Management.

All these elements together make up your image. 

In basic termsit is the way you look, communicate and carry yourself so that it makes a difference in the outcome of your prospective goals.

Now, this brings us to the term, ‘first impression’. As you may know, first impression matters. Your image is what helps you achieve a remarkable first impression.

Let’s sum up the first part of this answer:

Great Image = Strong Identity = Acceptable Perception = Incredible First Impression

It does sound easy, but now the question is how do you achieve a great image?

Not all of us have the right knowledge to improve upon our visual, vocal, or verbal shortcomings.

We can try but what may be good enough for us may not be good enough for the people with who we do business with.

So where to seek help in such a matter? This is where an Image Consultant comes into the picture. And now we move on to the second part of the answer.

As mentioned in the previous part, an Image Consultant is a specialist in three components that makes up an image.

That is Appearance (Visual Dimension), Behavior (Vocal Dimension), and Communication (Verbal Dimension).

They help you to work upon these three facades of your personality and achieve your true, authentic, and optimal potential. They also work along with you to help you polish your skills, talents and overcome your shortcomings to ensure your overall development.

Check out the following example to understand the significance of Image and the role of an Image Consultant:

You see two pictures below,

The first picture is of an uncut, raw diamond rock.

If you go into a store to buy a diamond ring and the jeweler presents you with this rough piece of rock. Would you buy it?

Probably not. Why?

Because you don’t perceive it as presentable and since it has very less value, let alone worth enough to wear.

On the other hand, we consider the second picture that portrays a fine, polished diamond.

So now if the jeweler presents you with this piece of rock, would you buy it? Definitely. Why?

Because the whole aura of the diamond is acceptable, breathtaking, and provides you with value.

If we use this metaphor, consider yourself as a rough, uncut diamond whose true potential is unveiled when a diamond polisher works upon it. Here, the diamond polisher is the Image Consultant.

So, you are already a diamond but an Image Consultant works with you to polish your image so that your true value is shown to the world.

There you go! A simple, detailed, and visual guide for understanding what exactly is Image Consulting.

If you wish to know more about Image Consulting, finding the right education, and its exceptional career opportunities, check out the following webinar:

Webinar On What Is Image Consulting by Sonia Dubey Dewan, AICI CIP
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Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?

Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?