5 Pros Of Becoming An Image Consultant


Dozens of myths surrounding Image Consulting often overshadow the vast number of benefits of pursuing a career in it.

It is high time that we look past these myths and discover how being an Image Consultant can be truly rewarding in professional as well as personal life.

Sonia Dubey Dewan Pros Of Becoming An Image Consultant

Like every other profession, it takes an equal amount of passion and hard work to become successful in the domain of Image Consulting. Yet, there are special bonuses while practicing as a Certified Image Consultant.

So we present to you five benefits of a career in Image Management:

1. Financial Security

The topmost rewarding benefit of becoming an Image Consultant is cementing a remarkable financial life. First of all, it requires minimum capital to set up your own Image Consulting Business.

Financial Security Pros Of Becoming An Image Consultant

A Color Wheel, Measuring Tape, Phone, Laptop, and your exceptional knowledge are all the tools you need to operate as an Image Consultant. More tools come along as you progress in your career.

In terms of financial security, there is a high potential to expand in terms of services and earn the desired amount you want to. Being an internationally certified Image Consultant adds more credibility to your profile and hence increases your chances to earn a higher income.

The more experience you gain over the years, the more fees you can charge for your services that will help you achieve the financial independence that you were looking for.

2. Age & Background Do Not Matter

Often people think that a career in Image Consulting is not their cup of tea, due to their age. That they are either too young or too matured to become an Image Consultant. This doubt in itself, in turn, becomes another benefit of pursuing a career in Image Consulting.

Age Does Not Matter Pros Of Becoming An Image Consultant

Regardless of your age, it is possible to become a Certified Image Consultant, given that you have passion, dedication, and the willingness to learn, practice, and succeed. It is nothing less than art that requires thorough dedication to master. And art doesn’t require a suitable age or background to be created.

Speaking of backgrounds, it also matters less from which professional background you hail from. Individuals from fields of Human Resources, Aviation, Hospitality, Teaching, Medical Sciences, Financial Services, and even defense forces choose to be Image Consultants and shine in this domain.

Young Men Pros Of Becoming An Image Consultant

Apart from the aforementioned fields, you might be a stay-at-home wife/ husband or a person with a career break. Or maybe you lost a job. It is highly possible and practical to learn Image Consulting and establish a rewarding career.

Some of the top Image Consultants and trainers within the industry come from vivid backgrounds, so your career background would not hinder your dream of becoming an Image Consultant but only enhance it.

3. Work-Life Balance

One of the most incredible benefits of pursuing a career in Image Consulting is having an incredible work-life balance. You have the option of either work within a company as a trainer, or as a freelancer, or set up your own business.

Stay At Home Dad Pros Of Becoming An Image Consultant

This gives you immense flexibility to choose how you want to operate as an Image Consultant and monitor the amount of work you need to take on. It also gives you enough time at hand to pursue other things in life as well as spend quality time with your friends, family, and loved ones.

You are also free to choose where you wish to operate in terms of location. Being an Internationally Certified Image Consultant gives you the liberty to travel across the world and offers your services on the go.

Work Anywhere Pros Of Becoming An Image Consultant

You can travel to different cities and countries to practice or you may choose to set up your office at one particular location that you desire.

4. Have A Fabulous Presence & Sense Of Style

Another pro of being an Image Consultant is having an incredible sense of style and personality. One of the key aspects of learning Image Consulting is working on your self-image first.

Great Sense of Style Pros Of Becoming An Image Consultant

As Image Makers and Coaches, it becomes vital that we need to work and improve our image before proceeding to help others do the same. Vast knowledge of colors, body shapes, wardrobes, and seasons help us polish our personal style. This in turn makes us more confident while consulting other individuals on the same lines.

Have A Great Sense Of Style Pros Of Becoming An Image Consultant

It is important as an Image Consultant, to look confident, charming, and well-dressed to set the bar high and ensure that the clients aspire to be the same. The right education and practice in Image Consulting will help you achieve just that. Having the right sense of style and notable presence just adds more credibility to your profile.

5. Growing Industry Gives More Opportunites

Not only is Image Consulting a well-established domain across the globe but also its development as an industry has been relentless. Along with 40-year-old history, the establishment of AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) in 1990, only augmented the growth of the industry.

AICI Pros Of Becoming An Image Consultant

With the emerging digital platforms and the ever-growing desire to look and feel the best, the need for Image Consultants is at an all-time high.

Individuals from every other industry are looking for Image Consultants, trainers, and coaches to gain an extra edge in their careers and lives. Companies look forward to hiring Image Consultants to polish the image and soft skills of their employees to ramp up productivity at the workplace.

Hiring Image Consultants Pros Of Becoming An Image Consultant

In the following years, the need for an Image Consultant will increase even more and hence will provide tremendous opportunities for all those who chose to pursue a career in Image Consulting.

Bonus Benefit

An additional benefit of becoming an Image Consultant is the ability to help people succeed and lead better lives. Nothing could be more satisfying to help an individual realize his/her true potential and develop a spectacular presence.

Positive Client Feedback Pros Of Becoming An Image Consultant

What could be more rewarding than the ecstatic smile on the face of clients and the immense gratitude they offer after you help them improve their skills or become more confident.

It is after all a peoples’ profession, that aims at the betterment of individuals in terms of appearance, behavior, and communication and hence its benefits are quite immeasurable.

If you find this article useful, you can also check out more about how to become an Image Consultant here.


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