5 Ways To Bring More Clarity In Your Communication


Communication is the way we convey our thoughts that it is clearly understood. However, many times we all come in a situation where our message interpretation changes with what we want to convey.

Here are some key tips to help you bring more clarity to your thoughts and make your communication easy.

1. Language

The language you choose to communicate plays a vital role in conveying your message. So, choose a language which you are most familiar with, confident about, and have maximum fluency in.

You do not have to master a specific language to communicate your thoughts, it is all about expressing yourself clearly without misunderstandings.

2. Know Your Audience

We, humans, are alike yet very different, so whether speaking in public or in private, always ensure that you know who you are talking to.

Knowing a brief background of the people or a particular person helps you set the right tone and choose your words appropriately. By doing this you level up your confidence instantly.

3. Simplicity Wins It All

Keep it simple! It’s okay if it is short and has a lesser amount of content, what matters the most is how easily the message is received.

Simpler the words you choose easier it becomes to remember. You do not have to use too many vocabulary words or jargon just keep it short and crisp it will automatically be understood better.

4. Do A Mock

When in a difficult situation, remember to be prepared in advance. At times we know who we are going to meet and what we are going to talk about but because we do not mock it for once, we easily lose the context in reality.

It is recommended to rehearse or practice your message before the actual communication happens, this enables you to remember the key points and tackle tricky conversations seamlessly.

5. Understand Your Message

It is essential to know and have a self-understanding of what you want to convey to your audience or a particular person. At times we are in rush to deliver the message to a level that we fail to understand the logic behind it.

It is important you yourself take clarity of the message and then convey it. It helps you answer the audience better and sound knowledgeable. 

In the end, make sure your communication style is friendly, warm, and open. Some additional tips:

  • Be easy and approachable, it becomes lot easier to convey your message.
  • Keep that smile on your face.
  • Maintain your posture.
  • Observe your actions.
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Keep a check on your body language.

  • Alumni | Image Management Dual Certification Program at Indian School of Image Management (ISIM) | Class of February 2020 | Charu has 9+ years of experience in the field of Human Resource Management. She has worked with brands like Royal Bank of Scotland, Mercer Mettl, SRL Ltd., Tata 1MG, and Consilio LLC.

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Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?

Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?