5 Exclusive Netiquette Rules That Gen Z Must Practice Now


Netiquette, which is a portmanteau of “net” and “etiquette”, refers to using courtesy and politeness when communicating with others on the net. It’s the correct or acceptable way of using the internet.

Netiquette Rules For Gen Z

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Why Is Netiquette Important

Etiquette is a code of social behavior. As societies are varied and changing, what is considered proper etiquette can vary from place to place, from generation to generation, and from platform to platform.

Why Is Netiquette Important

Gen-Z networks, works, dates and communicates all with the use of the internet and this is what makes netiquette the most vital thing for them to practice!

Here are 5 basic Netiquette for Gen-Z to practice:

1. Be mindful of what you type.

Just because you cannot see the person reading what you typed, doesn’t mean there isn’t a real person reading. Proofread before you press a ‘send’. When you speak face-to-face and are misunderstood, you have an on-the-spot opportunity to rephrase your words.

Netiquette Be Mindful of what you type

In texting, we must strive twice as hard to be understood, as we do not have the benefit of modifying or elaborating in real-time.

IF YOU TYPE LIKE THIS, it’s going to make the person feel rude to you. If you say, “It was indeed my pleasure meeting you 😂”, this emoji makes it look insulting more than pleasurable.

Exclamation marks, “Give me some time!!! I’ll get back to you!!!” can be misinterpreted as intense anger without the appropriate context.

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2. If you wouldn’t say it face-to-face, don’t say it on the net.

Commenting on posts, putting your political, racial, or discriminatory views on someone’s page which otherwise in real life you wouldn’t, is again not netiquette.

When you’re online, you’re safe behind a screen, but that’s not an excuse to be ill-mannered or say things you would never say in public. If you don’t really mean it do not put it on the net.

3. While in a group chat be more careful.

Group chats can lead to many gaffes.

If you are in a group check your communications, language, viewpoints, emoticons, and recipients. Insulting someone with abusive language or making someone feel left out is not netiquette.

When you smell fire, being calm will make you wiser.

Make sure you are not typing a personal message in the group chat box. It’s not appropriate to disclose someone’s personal life instances in a group, which they would have shared with you keeping trust in you.

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4. Respect others’ privacy.

Another important netiquette is valuing others’ privacy. Receiving confidential information comes with responsibility.

It can be very tempting and easy to forward an email, text, video, or image, but you must never compromise your colleagues, friends, or firm’s privacy. Never make confidential information public, only share with people it concerns, and only with the consent of people to whom the information relates.

Declaring your colleague’s pregnancy on social media isn’t your duty!

5. Respond to texts and emails promptly.

Netiquette Is Replying Emails Swiftly

Be kind to reply to a message within a few hours or at maximum within a few days, especially if that message is from family or friends.

If it is going to take longer, that’s fine! Just communicate, so they know and they don’t wait for your reply. Ghosting or ignoring is what one should never practice.

Online interactions hold equivalent importance as face-to-face interactions. In the fast-paced online and work-from-home culture, it is a must to follow the above-mentioned 5 rules of net etiquette. It will help you manage online relationships in all aspects of your e-life, these golden rules of netiquette will make your experience safe and productive.

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