Image Consulting Business Starter Kit – 5 Tools You Need To Start Your Image Consulting Business From Scratch


Starting an Image Consulting Business can be exciting and at the same time a meticulous process. It is the platform where we get to showcase the best of our skills and deliver incredible services to clients.

One of the most essential queries among aspiring as well as newly graduated Image Consulting students is what tools do you need to start Image Consulting Business from the ground up?

Image Consulting Business Starter Kit Tools Pack

Does it take a lot of capital? Do you require a huge team to assist you? Do you need to rent office space? These are some of the burgeoning questions that often pique the curiosity of budding Image Consultants.

Though almost all of it is required at some point in time as your business progresses, is it necessary right away while starting your practice? Not really!

Here is a list of five essential tools to include in your Image Consulting Business Starter Kit without the need a massive capital/ budget, office space, or any third-party assistance:

  1. Color Wheel
  2. Measuring Tape
  3. Smartphone
  4. Laptop
  5. Knowledge

1. Color Wheel

Color Analysis is one of the most vital subjects that an Image Consultant has to excel at.

Color Wheel For Color Analysis Image Consulting Business Starter Kit Tools Pack

Color is an integral part of the visual image. Hence, it becomes an important part of your work where you help clients choose the best colors for their outfits in harmony with their natural color tone.

A color wheel is the primary go-to tool for all budding Image Consultants to practice color analysis. It gives you access you all the primary, secondary, tertiary colors and helps you mix and align tones, shades, hues, tints, and much more.

Color Wheel Back For Color Analysis Image Consulting Business Starter Kit Tools Pack

The color wheel, therefore, becomes an integral element to kickstart your Image Consulting Business.

2. Measuring Tape

A good fit can lead to better confidence. Measuring tape helps to identify your client’s body shape and recommend clothes that fit and flatter them the most, making them their best version.

Measuring Tape Image Consulting Business Starter Kit Tools Pack

In the absence of a measuring tape, a ribbon is something that can be used as its alternative. As an Image Consultant with a new business, measuring tap is one essential tool you must always keep handy.

3. Smartphone

A smartphone is an all-in-one tool that helps you with effective networking and provides more hand-one responses to your client’s requirements. It is a tool that is a swift and prompt medium to bridge efficient communication between you and your clients.

Smartphone Image Consulting Business Starter Kit Tools Pack

It also helps you click pictures, take videos as well as manage your online digital presence by giving you access to various social media platforms. It gives you the ability to build and grow your business as well as your online brand identity with just a few clicks.

4. Laptop

Where else do you expect to store the crucial data of your clients? The laptop is your main workstation where you prepare case studies, analyze data, client presentations, and the portfolio for your work.

Laptop Image Consulting Business Starter Kit Tools Pack

Again, with the laptop, you may take one-on-one or group consultations for clients over a video call. You may also be able to enhance your knowledge by taking more classes in your respective niche.

5. Knowledge

The final yet most important of them all is possessing the right knowledge. You can’t expect to do all of the above without the right set of knowledge, education, and guidance.

Knowledge AICI Image Consulting Business Starter Kit Tools Pack

There are two ways in which you gain and upskill your knowledge. First, you enroll in an internationally accredited Image Management institute especially the ones that offer AICI approved programs.

Second, you work in the field and gain industry knowledge with your consistent practice, by taking help from your peers and learning from your mentors.

There you go! This magnificent list of tools becomes your Image Consulting Business Starter Kit that helps you launch your Image Consulting Business from zero! To know more about Image Consulting Career Opportunities, check out this article here.

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Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?

Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?