Top 5 Image Consulting Myths You Must Avoid


There are several myths that decorate the field of Image Consulting. Especially, since it’s a specialized profession. Myths shape our overall perception of the world and they somehow also affect our risk-taking tendencies when it comes to trying out new things or venturing into a new career.

Image Consulting Myths

For someone who is looking to start their career in Image Consulting, it is important to make a calculated decision, that is devoid of myths and opinions.

So, to clear the air around and burst myths of Image Consulting, we present this article to help you break out into this lucrative career opportunity:

Image Consulting Myth #1: It Is A Profession Only For Women

Image Consulting Is Not Only For Women

Gender-specific roles and stigmas have been around forever, but it is important that we move beyond that and establish gender-neutral roles especially when it comes to building a career.

Perhaps, the biggest myth to ever stick around in the spheres of Image Consulting, is that it is strictly a profession for women. It is unknown where this myth was generated from, probably given that there are more female professionals practicing as Image Consultants as compared to men. But quantity does not reflect reality.

Participation and contribution of men in the field of Image Consulting has been significant since its inception. Men with a great sense of style, exceptional soft skills, and passion to help others have excelled as Image Coaches.

It is true that if compared with women, the number of male Image Consultants might be lesser, yet that shouldn’t discourage men who are willing and determined to break into this domain.

Image Consulting is a people’s profession and everyone regardless of their gender must be able to pursue it without holding back. 

Image Consulting Myth #2: It Is A New Domain/ Career

Image Consulting Is Not A New Career

It is the human tendency to jump on new trends, yet part of it makes us apprehensive especially if it involves making a huge investment or career change.

It is quite often assumed that Image Consulting is a recently emerged field. It is true that it is trending, but is it a new profession altogether? Not really.

The term ‘Image Consulting’ emerged in the seventies whereas it became a prominent profession by the eighties. In 1990, the Association of Image Consultants International was established which is the leading organization of Image Consultants across the globe.

With over 30 years of history, the Image Consulting domain is surely not a short-term trend for a career. Given the plethora of knowledge, educational resources, and experience of the professionals in this industry, it qualifies as a rewarding career opportunity.

Image Consulting Myth #3: You Don’t Need A Formal Education To Become An Image Consultant

Right Education Is Important In Image Consulting

Any profession that is all about helping other individuals cannot be learned without proper education and guidance. Whether it is Medical, Engineering, or even Image Consulting.

Having the right education to learn Image Consulting is important for the following reasons:

  • It equips you with the right set of tools, techniques, and knowledge that are crucial to help clients in the best way possible.
  • It adds credibility and recognition to your professional profile and helps you stand out of the crowd.
  • It gives you an opportunity to learn from experienced professionals practicing in the field for decades and establish a firm network.

Choosing the right institute that offers a vast curriculum apt enough to cater to international standards is necessary. It is advisable to look for programs that are accredited and approved by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

Image Consulting Myth #4: It Is Not A Suitable Career For Young Individuals

Image Consulting Is Not For Young Individuals

Similar to the stigma that associates Image Consulting and women, it is often believed that the profession is only suitable for people between the age group of 30 to 50.

Quite ironically, people in their 50s and above, seem reserved when it comes to pursuing Image Consulting. Various factors affect our choices to choose or change a career at a certain age, but age itself should never become a reason.

As mentioned before, if an individual is passionate enough to practice and break into this domain, then age is just a number. Both young and relatively elder professionals, across the world, have become successful Image Consultants, Coaches, and Trainers.

Young individuals can venture into Image Consulting as their first career option while people over 50 years of age may choose it as their second or third career option. Thus, Image Consulting makes a fruitful career opportunity regardless of one’s age.

Image Consulting Myth #5: Image Consulting Is The Same As Styling

Image Consulting Is Not As Same As Styling

Image Consulting as it is widely known is a conscious process of improving oneself by working extensively on areas such as Appearance, Behavior, and Communication, also known as the ABCs of Image.

It is important to note that Styling is one of the practices that is part of the Appearance aspect of Image Consulting. It is regarding the overall clothing and grooming factors.

Image Consultants who are more inclined to venture into the niche of fashion, specialize in the appearance aspect and offer most of their services related to it. They work as Fashion Stylists, Costume Stylists, Fashion Stylists, and Personal Shoppers.

But as an Image Coach or Trainer, he/she has to master all three key areas that make the dominion of Image Consulting. Hence, Image Consulting is not just about styling but also focuses upon the improvement of communication skills as well as behavioral traits of an individual.

Facts And Myths About Image Consulting

There are many more common myths associated with Image Consulting just like any other profession that can be cleared out with thorough research and consideration.

After all, it’s a matter of doing what you love to do and get started while at the same time taking calculated risks. Image Consulting is another one of the underrated career opportunities often overlooked due to certain myths.

We hope that with this article, we were able to help you burst the most prominent Image Consulting myths and inspire you to go for this enriching career opportunity.

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Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?