Strategies To Enhance Client Experience As An Image Consultant In A Socially Distant World

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Welcome to the post-pandemic world. COVID-19 changed the way we operate, live, and carry on with our lives both in personal and professional spheres.

Virtual Client Meeting

Since we have the natural ability to adapt faster, we acquainted ourselves with new ways with which we work and conduct business. Whether it is working from home via zoom or attending virtual meetings.

Seemingly, everything became virtual and digital. Even client experience. Customers had to consume services by sitting in the comforts of their homes for weeks and months. But given that we all adapted pretty quickly to the virtual shift, it started getting stale and mundane.

Since, every business operated in the same virtual way, it hampered the goodwill and uniqueness generated by them. Social distancing truly increased the distance between the business owners and the customers.

So, the question is what does it take to stand out in these circumstances? How do you get that extra edge over the competition and maintain a consistent relationship with your clients?

Here are 3 ways you could deliver the best of services and elevate the client experience in a social distancing world:

Relationship Building

Building meaningful and strong relationships with clients ensures that you would have a long withstanding business exchange in the coming years. Your business would not thrive without a healthy relationship with the clientele.

Strategy One – Sending Coffee

Sending Coffee For Enhancing Client Experience As An Image Consultant In A Socially Distant World

Prior to the pandemic, client meetings mostly happened face to face either in offices or some cafe, where we would spend money on beverages while conducting business.

Since it has become quite difficult to have a face-to-face meeting these days, all meetings take place virtually. That does not mean that you can’t buy a cup of coffee for your client.

This courteous gesture adds a lot of goodwill to your profile and sets the stage for what’s to come next. It shows how you have put in extra efforts to connect with the client on a human level rather than just for business purposes. It sets you apart from the competition and leaves a lasting impression.

So next time you have a virtual meeting with a client, ensure to send a cup of coffee, tea, or their favorite beverage as a cordial acknowledgment.

Strategy Two – Out Of Sight = Out Of Mind – Enhancing Top of Mind Recall

Sending Message, Events and Texting For Enhancing Client Experience As An Image Consultant In A Socially Distant World

Working in a virtual world may hinder being in touch with clients. Especially since everyone is constantly in conversation with everyone, your message might lose out in the foray of incoming texts and emails.

To ensure that you stay on top of the minds of clients, you may text them occasionally regarding topics or issues that interest them. Being their image coach, you have a clear idea about their interests, likes, and preferences.

For e.g. if they are a cricket fan, have a chat with them about the recent match. You may also send them educational material that may help them towards improving in areas they lack or send them virtual events for the same.

The whole idea of being on top of the mind of the clients is to maintain that relationship you worked hard to built and keeping it strong even during uncertain times and circumstances.

Adding Tangibility To Client Experience

Tangibility is something that is absent when it comes to conducting business virtually. How do you live up to or justify the premium services that you are offering? By bringing in the tangibility.

Strategy One – Send Clients Printed Copy Of Documents, And Proposals

Sending Printed Proposals And Documents For Enhancing Client Experience As An Image Consultant In A Socially Distant World

In this digital era of flash messaging and sending documents over mail as a PDF, a printed document might work wonders. You may give the client a premium feel by sending printed copies of your documents, business proposals, brochures, and case studies via courier or by having them delivered by someone.

This generates a positive feeling for the clients that they signed up for something worthy and hence adds credibility to your profile. It is also a sign of professionalism and confidentiality on your part which all the clients look out for.

Strategy Two – Send Clients DIY Kits and personalized collaterals

Sending Journals DIY Kits For Enhancing Client Experience As An Image Consultant In A Socially Distant World

As an Image Consultant, you will be aware of a few practices or regimens that the client may carry out by themselves with specific tools and instructions. By sending them DIY Kits of these small tools would provide an incredible experience to your clients.

You could also send them personalized journals to keep a tab of the tasks that you asked them to do. It establishes a great bond between you and your clientele when you become a part of their life even in a socially distant world.


Strategy One – Quick Payment Options Like UPI

Online Payment For Enhancing Client Experience As An Image Consultant In A Socially Distant World

The payments stage is a crucial phase in the entire client interaction cycle, and hence it must be handled well. When it comes to payments, we usually respond to the invoices with bank transfers, checks, and NEFTs.

The more time the transfer of payment takes, the more time a client gets to rethink their decision of hiring you and walking out of the deal. Hence, it is essential to quicken this aspect by introducing online payments like UPI such as GPay, PhonePe, PayTM, Pay Pal, etc. Offering easy payments gateways is yet another great tool.

You may also set up and provide digital signature options for clients to save on the time of manually signing documents. Both these ideas offer a seamless client experience.

Strategy Two – Link Your Payments To A Cause

Linking Payments With Social Cause For Enhancing Client Experience As An Image Consultant In A Socially Distant World

To hit the final chord in elevating client relationships is linking your payments to a cause or collaborating with an NGO. During this ongoing pandemic, every section of society faced problems in order to sustain itself.

This is where you could share with your clients that part of their payments are to be donated for a special cause especially if your clients are High Net Worth Individuals or Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.

This not only builds a rapport with the clients but also strengthens your impression.

With the pandemic subsiding, we all look forward to conducting business and offering services like before, yet it was astonishing that we learned new ways to connect with our desired audience even in such difficult times. This elaborative guide with useful strategies to elevate client experience in a virtual and socially distant world was just a gist of what more we could do.

  • Ashwin Dewan is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Indian School of Image Management. He has had a dynamic career of 15+ years that reflects the pioneering experience and year-on-year success in achieving business growth objectives in well-established organizations.

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