3 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Image Consulting Career


Mistakes are an essential part of our career. Even if they hinder our flow of execution, they help us reanalyze our focus, our shortcomings, and teach us how to get better. They are the catalyst of our growth, both in our professional as well as personal lives.

Even a career in Image Consulting could be swarming with mistakes that may hamper your progress but at the same time could be turned into strengths if paid attention to.

As an Image Consultant, here are three mistakes you must be wary of and acknowledge to learn and grow as a professional:

Image Consulting Mistake #1

Using Google To Source Information For Client Consultations

Relying entirely on the knowledge available on Google can be limiting and wrong. It is advised that you refer to the books and the content sourced from a published author who gives validated information.

Imagine if the doctor starts giving you advice by cross-checking your symptoms on Google. Not only could it be wrong, but it can also be fatal.

Similarly, information from the internet may not only ruin your work process but also affect your profile and goodwill with the client in a negative way.

Image Consulting Mistake #2

Being Judgemental

Addressing your client from pre-conceived notions and biases is another major mistake you could make in your consulting practice.

Practice the art of addressing the clients with no judgment, look at the strengths and weaknesses objectively, and work towards excellence.

Being non-judgemental would also make you seem professional as well as help your client to feel confident and trust you to share their thoughts without hesitation.

Image Consulting Mistake #3

Not having enough practice before consulting

Practice everything you have learned at least 3-4 times before applying it to anyone.

Explore all the possibilities the image consulting course provides you to get more hands-on experience through practicals, assignments, projects, and pro-bono work.

Without much practice, you might look like an amateur and seem less confident in your work. This could affect the rapport between you and your clients. Hence, thorough practice is the key to success as an Image Consultant.

To provide the best Image Consulting services to the clients, it is vital that you prevent these mistakes. But, even if they do occur, ensure to learn, improve and keep succeeding!

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Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?

Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?