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Choices. Endings & Beginnings. Change.

The Tarot has been a long-held tool of inner illumination. For ages, people have wondered how the beautiful cards accurately project what is going on within us.

Many people look at the Tarot deck or a set of playing cards for telling fortune and the art is known as Cartomancy. Although the cards don’t really predict a fixed future but rather the likely outcome of a given situation, cartomancy has actually been practiced throughout history.

But of late, there is an increasing interest in the psychological advantages of a Tarot reading. The Tarot can be seen as an example of the symbolic languages used by humankind to describe the complex world of the unconscious.

Hidden in the symbolism of the cards, are meaningful insights about ourselves, our spiritual aspirations, our inclinations towards life choices, and how we process our daily mechanisms in achieving them.

The Wheel of Fortune is the tenth card in the Major Arcana, which represents our choices, beginnings, and endings, and the inevitability of change. Featuring a wheel that keeps moving, the card reflects the cycle of life, the relationship of the past, the present, and the future.

Here are three reminders from the Wheel of Fortune that we may store in the wiser pockets of our minds:

1. Respecting Time & Valuing Contributions

One thing to keep in mind is the aspect of time. Needless to say, time is the most important factor that determines our existence, in and out. In cosmic math, time moves like none other.

While often we are tempted to take it for granted, time can be turned into a valuable asset in meeting our inner and outer goals, to create the desired change or evolution. The key is to respect it from our end and value that of others too.

We must remember that since everything is connected and we are all part of the greater whole, other people’s time is an important constituent of our own development and progress.

A classic example is the mother’s womb which qualifies itself to grow and nurture a baby over time. It takes time to build, to create, to process, to pause, to hold, to think, to understand, and most of all to accept change.

Someone else’s labor is best enjoyed when appreciated. It is a given that without the plumber’s contribution our drains, pipes, and taps would be clogged, without the accountant, our books would have messy charts, without the coach our games wouldn’t be fun and rewarding.

Every profession needs to be treated with respect because no work or labor is larger or smaller. We are all connected by our individual roles in the bio-system. None can exist without the other. The cycle of life depends on every single contribution and wisdom lies in recognizing and valuing each other.

2. The Choices of Our Past Reflect In Our Future

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In the 2006 film, Click, Adam Sandler plays Michael Newman, an architect who finds a remote control that can control a reality like a television. Much to his delight, he fast-forwards his life to be in situations where he is at an advantage, he is wealthy and successful.

During the skips, his mind is actually sleeping through and waking up only in the important parts, as the mechanism of the remote control goes. After a point, Michael realizes that he missed out on the most vital parts by fast-forwarding his life.

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He missed out on spending time with his dad, his family, his wife and turned out to be a detached person for his loved ones. He made choices that made him lose out on happiness, laughter, sunshine, lemonades, love, and all those moments that make life worthwhile.

Making choices is a given in our life, but making the ones that work for our good is less frequent. We often make mistakes but at times, some fall heavy on our future without us realizing or ‘sleeping through’ the situation.

And then the mother of all regrets hits us and we summon our apologies, to ourselves and others involved, to rectify the situation. The past may not be seen as important but it teaches us sensitivity to life’s courses since it impacts our present selves and our future selves too.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to keep track of our paths and maintain a clear map while moving towards our goals.

3. We Have To Invite Chaos To Welcome Change

History is a strong witness to this one. Without chaos, change doesn’t show up. In this case, the wheel of fortune tells us that when the routine becomes every day, every day will stay the same.

It is true that altering habits and interrupting reservations inside our minds will create a chaotic room, but without the displacement of the expectancies, change cannot occur. The cell renews every day, so does the entire Universe.

Societies have progressed throughout the ages which is the reason why we are here today. When the mind resists replacement, renewal, or rearrangement, the natural process of mutation halts, producing the scope for conflicts of all kinds.

What we are more often confused with or rather in doubt about, is the fact that change creates order again, brings peace and contentment again, gathers the scope for progress towards our heart’s truest desires. Endings must be done for beginnings to reveal.

The wheel of fortune may correspond to the Chakras or focal energy points in our body, for instance. The natural process of alignment demands that we address each point and what is causing a blockage or clogging the flow of energy into it

Inner resistance or reluctance in acceptance and reorder may be the reason for conflict and imbalance. The idea is to understand needs in detail rather than overlook what is actually going on, to retain a particular place we are used to.

When we let go of what we are familiar with, explore, keep our options open, think in terms of the larger terrain, but still manage to navigate through details and replace those that no longer serve the purpose, do we truly move towards connection and evolution?


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Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?