Alpha Female – A Feature On Feminine Energy


Every one of us wakes up in the morning, thriving to achieve our dreams, to be there for people who we love, comply with the rules and responsibilities and sometimes comply with the “judgments” that are made around us ( funny, but true).

But there are many “Alpha Females” around us, doing what we once thought was impossible.

As women, we have all progressed so much in the last few decades, most of us challenged ourselves and our inhibitions and flew high in the sky in search of true freedom and to fulfill our dreams and aspirations.

Woman Goddess Lada painting by Jozef Klopacka

What is Freedom? 

Well, freedom is subjective. 

To me, freedom is to accept me for who I am. 

To accept my fears, my inhibitions, my desires and all that I am made of.  

That, I can feel weak, I can have fears.  

There are two questions that always arise in mind.

How can we achieve our dreams and also be in tune with our inner feminine self? 

Not forgetting how beautiful, delicate, strong, colorful, emotional, powerful, sensible we women are.

We see thousands of women around us being a great example of “unleashing their inner power”!

How do they come out of their inhibitions and achieve the impossible and yet be in connection with themselves? 

We see women leading, being successful Astronauts, Entrepreneurs, Scientists, World leaders.

And some are even reading this article!

How could they be so strong and achieve the impossible and come home to their loved ones, shed off the shield and be the ultimate embodiment of love? That’s the inspiration right there. 

Well, these three steps below can help:

Step 1 : Enjoy little things

Yes! Very obvious but true. Little things like celebrating nature, rainfall, trees, ocean. We women are all about living the moment, enjoying the journey as well as the destination.

So, take your time off the technology, open up yourself to nature. It helps us to be grounded.

Step 2 : Law of Acceptance

Accept you for who you are! In every possible way, your fears, your desire, your weakness, and your strengths.

It is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of courage and time. Journaling works the best for me.

Accept that it is okay to have a bad day 

  • It is okay to fail.
  • It is okay to have negative emotions. 
  • It is okay to cry.

Step 3 : Spend time with the wonderful women around you

Inspire others and get inspired. This is the most effective way to be in touch with your inner feminine self. Have a little pack of your own, Rise above together!

I am one of the million women who dream to achieve the impossible. To be the “Alpha Female” and yet be polite, humble, loving and celebrate my femininity. 

I would like to conclude this article with a few lines of my favorite poem by Maya Angelou.  

You may write me down in history  

With your bitter, twisted lies, 

You may trod me in the very dirt 

But still, like dust, I will rise. 
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Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?

Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?