How To Become An Image Consultant Successfully In 5 Easy Steps

How To Become An Image Consultant ISIM Global Image Magazine Sonia Dubey Dewan Taking A Practical Class

Image Consulting is one of the most sought-after careers out there. It offers excellent benefits such as financial security, work-life balance, and a fabulous sense of style. Hence we bring to you a step-by-step guide on how to become an image consultant.

As more and more individuals seek to succeed in a cutting-edge workforce, a magnificent image is what they wish to achieve to do so. This has boosted the demand for Image Consultants and trainers all across the globe over the last decade.

An Image consulting career involves getting the right education, achieving certification, working in the field to gain experience, and establishing the goodwill of your services among people. Before getting to know how to become an Image Consultant, let’s first, understand what is Image Consulting and what exactly Image Consultants do.

Table of Contents – Become An Image Consultant

What Is Image Consulting

What Does An Image Consultant Do

5 Steps On How To Become An Image Consultant

Step 1: Have The Passion

Step 2: Get The Right Education

Step 3: Get The Right Certification

Step 4: Advance Further With More Certifications

Step 5: Network

What Is Image Consulting

Your image is how others perceive you as an individual. It is your identity that the world sees and reacts to every single day. Your image is your identity in the eyes of others. It is created consciously or subconsciously by your interaction with others in a certain way. It is projected with the way you dress, the way you walk, and the way you communicate.

How To Become An Image Consultant ISIM Global Image Magazine What Is Image Consulting

Image Management is a conscious relentless procedure of assessing and enhancing your image. Moreover, it helps you understand how others perceive and respond to you. It is about establishing first impressions and delivering an impressive presence. It empowers you to control, modify or improve the image that you want to convey to others

Enhancing your image includes an understanding of yourself, tastes, your likes-dislikes, personality, your roles & goals. It is attained by using three resources of Image management that are Appearance, Behavior, Communication: the ABC of Image.

These four resources are in perfect alignment with your goals, dreams, personality, values, and lifestyle. Therefore, they help you create an authentic image of yourself.

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What Does An Image Consultant Do

An Image Consultant is an expert who helps you manage your image and the three components that constitute it. These components include your Appearance (Visual Dimension), Behavior (Vocal Dimension), and Communication (Verbal Dimension).

An Image Consultant starts with knowing who you are, what are your goals, and what are your traits. He/she creates a structured way of aligning the three Image Components. An Image Consultants hand holds you towards a significant transformation.

How To Become An Image Consultant ISIM Global Image Magazine Client Color Analysis

They help you to work upon these three elements of your personality. You get to achieve your true, authentic, and optimal potential. Their knowledge becomes evident in improving your skills, talents and overcoming your shortcomings to deliver a complete image makeover.

Here Are The 5 Steps On How To Become An Image Consultant Successfully:

1. Have the Passion

If you do not feel passionate about becoming an Image Consultant, then it is very difficult to succeed as one.

Ensure that this domain is suitable for you and your interests align with what it has to offer. Everyone who has the willingness to pursue an Image Consulting career will be able to successfully kickstart their journey.

Irrespective of gender, age, and background, a career in Image Consulting is open for all. There are no limits in pursuing Image Consulting even if you are a homemaker, student, or professional.

2. Get the Right Education

The first step in becoming an Image consultant is to get the right education. Just like any domain, it is important that you get educated at a recognized, affiliated, and credible Image Management institute.

To ensure such credibility, see whether the Image Consulting course that the institute is offering is accredited by AICI i.e. Association of Image Consultants International. It is the world’s largest independent professional association of Image Consultants and trainers. It is committed to elevating the level of education and professionalism in the Image Management industry.

How To Become An Image Consultant ISIM Global Image Magazine AICI Certification

It approves Image Management programs all over the world. This ensures optimal Image education and training for aspirants looking to get their Image Consulting career started.

Above all, check out the course curriculum, and find out what are the unique aspects that are offered in the course when compared to courses of other institutes. Once you complete verifying, you can enroll in the course.

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3. Get the Right Certification

As it was mentioned earlier if you have enrolled in an AICI accredited Image Management course, you are ensuring best in class education for yourself.

After you complete your course, you will be awarded your certification that will be recognized by AICI. This makes it the most prestigious educational qualification for an Image Consultant.

The certification empowers you to work as a Certified Image Consultant not only in your country but also anywhere in the world. You can also join the regional as well as International AICI chapters with an AICI membership.

4. Advance Further With More Certifications

Over the years as you extensively work as an Image Consultant, it is important to elevate your profile further.

How To Become An Image Consultant ISIM Global Image Magazine AICI CIC AICI CIP AICI CIM Logo

To achieve this, you must become an AICI Certified Image Consultant. An AICI Certified Image Consultant i.e. a CIC badge, shows clients, colleagues, and the industry that you have achieved a competent level of training and knowledge in the image field and that you keep abreast of current thinking and technical knowledge.

AICI confers AICI Certified Image Consultant on those who successfully complete the AICI CIC Portfolio review process and pass the AICI Certified Image Consultant exam. Here is the process to become an AICI Certified Image Consultant:

  • Register with AICI for CIC certification by paying the certification fees.
  • Select Your Track: You can opt for:
  • Option 1: Complete your CIC Exam first and then complete the of CIC Portfolio submission.
  • Option 2: Submit your CIC portfolio first and then complete the CIC Exam.

Let’s assume you select the first option then: 

  • Prepare for your exam & also start developing your CIC portfolio based on the guidelines provided by AICI.
  • Give the AICI Exam, remember you will have six (6) months to take the exam from the date of registration. Also, you will receive your score immediately upon completing your exam.
  • AICI will contact you with your reviewer assignment. It is up to the reviewer and the candidate to coordinate the portfolio submissions. A twelve (12) month candidacy period opens for the portfolio review.
  • Finally, AICI will contact you with your certificate once they have completed all the AICI CIC Certification Requirements successfully.

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5. Network

Networking plays a crucial role in helping you grow your business as an Image Consultant. It helps you get more efficient on an operational, personal, and strategic front.

Networking with exchanging cards How To Become An Image Consultant ISIM Global Image Magazine

Becoming a part of industry associations and organizations, regional as well international, helps you acquaint yourself with other experienced professionals in the field.

Sites like LinkedIn help you come across other professionals in your field. But, what helps you grow further is by interacting with their content, sharing feedback, and encouraging discussion. This will help you learn as well as keep you informed about new industry trends.

It also helps when you attend major online and offline events taking place in the Image Consulting industry. Attending events not only gives you immense exposure but also presents business opportunities down the line.

There you go! A thorough and detailed guide for you on how to become an Image Consultant.

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  • Sonia Dubey Dewan, AICI CIP

    Sonia Dubey Dewan, AICI CIP, is the Founder and Managing Partner of the Indian School of Image Management (ISIM). She is an Entrepreneur, an Image Consultant, an International Keynote Speaker, and Published Author, and the first Internationally Certified Image Professional (CIP) in the AICI India Chapter.

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[…] Related Article: How To Become An Image Consultant Successfully In 5 Easy Steps […]

[…] Related Article: How To Become An Image Consultant Successfully In 5 Easy Steps […]

[…] Related Article: How To Become An Image Consultant Successfully In 5 Easy Steps […]

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