Image Consulting After Aviation: 5 Reasons Why It’s An Ideal Career


Pursuing Image Consulting after Aviation is the best second career choice.

Image Consulting Career After Aviation ISIM Global Image Magazine

Anyone with the passion and willingness to help change people’s lives can become an image consultant. Therefore, individuals with a professional background in Aviation have an edge towards successfully kickstarting their career in Image Consulting.

But how to do that?

An exceptional skill set in communication, management, and people skills along with the ability to help others is what makes a fitting Image and Soft Skills Trainer.

Aviation professionals can succeed as Image Consultants with the right knowledge, education, and guidance from the right mentors.

Hence, we bring to you five reasons why they will have an edge in pursuing Image Consulting after Aviation:

1. Knowledge of Etiquette

Etiquette Image Consulting Career After Aviation ISIM Global Image Magazine

Aviation professionals are highly proficient when it comes to etiquettes.

They are on the frontline of interacting with passengers, hence they have been well trained in essential business etiquette and protocols to deliver a warm and seamless experience. They are well versed with the right dress code, manner of greetings, and social interactions.

Therefore, this knowledge is what becomes an add-on once they start their image consulting career.

As image consultants, they will get to train other individuals in learning the essential business and social etiquette. So, it becomes easier for them to succeed by banking on their knowledge.

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2. Effective Communication & People’s Skills

Communication and People's Skills Image Consulting Career After Aviation ISIM Global Image Magazine

Communication skills training is the most in-demand skill set needed in the industry.

Countless companies look for qualified trainers to train their workforce in essential communication and people skills. An aviation professional, however, would already have mastered their people skills such as active listening, conflict resolution, tolerance, respectfulness, and leadership.

Hence, it is fitting for them to pursue a fulfilling career in Image Consulting to help others polish these skills.

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3. Essential Grooming Skills

Aviation professionals have exceptional grooming standards.

While working they perform various grooming checks from hairstyle, makeup, nails, uniform, hygiene, and much more. By following the essential grooming standard they not only represent the industry but also create a positive impact in public eyes.

As image consultants, they get to train others to enhance their grooming skills and help them create a similar positive impact.

Their vast knowledge in this area helps them train business executives, celebrities, and high-profile clients, as certified Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers.

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4. Emotional Quotient

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in aviation professionals is what saves the day!

Working in the cabin crew could become a highly stressful job, given that one has to cater to the needs of the passengers along with ensuring their safety. Hence, it becomes vital for them to manage their emotions in a positive way.

Having much experience in dealing with stressful situations, they can help their clients deal with the same as an Image Consultant.

As highly qualified trainers, they can teach their clients how to communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. Thus, making image consulting an ideal career opportunity.

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5. Necessary Work-Life Balance

Work Life Balance Image Consulting Career After Aviation ISIM Global Image Magazine

Work-Life balance comes second for aviation professionals for operational efficiency.

They are always on the go and have a limited amount of downtime to focus on their personal commitments. They are tied to an overly hectic schedule and find it difficult to manage other areas of life.

Hence, many aviation professionals find it ideal to start their image consulting career to achieve work-life balance.

As an Image and Soft Skills Trainer, they can start their own business, cater to clients according to their schedule, monitor the number of training they do, and have an impressive income. They get to achieve personal, professional, and financial freedom in all aspects.

Following are the lucrative opportunities while pursuing Image Consulting after Aviation:

If you wish to know more about the roadmap to becoming a successful Image & Soft Skills Trainer after aviation, watch the webinar given below:

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