Reuse, Restyle, Rewear – Know What Is Sustainable Fashion


As we look ahead at 2022, we are all talking about the pandemic or the environmental crisis we are in, but simply talking about it won’t help the imminent state we are currently in.

It’s time we take steps to not only educate ourselves but also act consciously and sustainably in every aspect of one’s daily life.

Fashion, clothes, accessories are no exception.

The moment we reorganize our closets, and understand what we have in our wardrobe can be used in a way that benefits our style needs, we set ourselves to spend less money shopping.

We also learn to actually use the clothes we have purchased to get our money’s worth. This is called sustainable fashion or living.

While our clothes are supposed to make us feel great, we should take time to understand our needs and shop in a way that represents who we are emphasizing – self-love and self-confidence.

Style as we know is personal. We have always spoken about how and what factors define your personal style.

Reusing and restyling is also a way to create your unique personal style. All that is needed is a little imagination, minimal accessories, and the confidence to pull it off with a big smile.

Here are some basic and clever ideas to revamp, reuse & restyle your wardrobe:

1. Mix and Match

The most age-old but proven way to upscale and maximize your wardrobe is to mix and match.

Always try to use a garment in different ways, if it’s a top try pairing it with a skirt or a pair of denim, or even formal pants.

Each time you accessorize it differently, it’s a whole new outfit. The same goes when you pair a t-shirt with shorts, or cotton chinos, or even a pair of denim pants.

You change your footwear with every look, even your accessories make a difference and can transform your outfit. Be it a man or a woman we all need to be mindful of what we have in our wardrobe and even when we are shopping.

The best way to maximize your wardrobe is to only add pieces to it which can be mixed and matched with the existing clothes.

2. Accessorize Differently

Our wardrobes have many hidden gems. Accessories are such an integral part of dressing up.

Many times we buy accessories & forget about them, but when you start to reuse & restyle there are many such accessories waiting to be discovered in your wardrobe.

A snazzy bag, or a clutch, shoes or stilettos, an interesting tie, or stand out belt, embroidered or embellished stoles, jewelry, watches, hair accessories, all of these can completely transform a regular outfit into a whole new one.

3. Make Up

Everyone knows the power of makeup.

You may use it every day or only on special occasions, but one thing remains certain, makeup can totally transform you into a different person by adding color and accentuating your features to make you look your best.

It gives you the confidence you need to make even a dull outfit look fabulous.

Finally clothes can be more diverse than we think and when we make an effort to restyle, many at times it will look like we have actually bought a new collection of outfits.

When it comes to fashion, creativity speaks volumes. Always try to reuse, restyle & re-wear and you will be able to curate a new look every time.

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Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?