Building Brand ‘You’, Cause You Matter – A Feature On Brand Transformation


“I know what I want to say but I will have to find the right words to put it across in a better way.”

We have all been there, we have all said that, right? More often than never, people are misunderstood for their words and/or actions. An image play, no?

Image is subjective. What I may perceive as best, might just be okay for you. An understanding of what an image is and how it is formed forms the core of the business.

From big corporate houses to SMEs and start-ups to institutions and individuals, only a handful of people are acquainted with the concept of the image, but what is more startling is that a handful of this handful bunch actually understand the importance of understanding and maintaining self-image.

“You think you know, but you have no idea.”

We try to hide our fears and insecurities under this umbrella. Many feel that it is best to leave people wondering about things than to put it across and be misunderstood.

How many times have you dressed to just impress or have had a conversation over something you never liked? Were you truly comfortable?

If you can’t count the number on your fingers, then that’s your cue number 1.

You have been developing an image, not for your own good but just to please those around you. Though there is nothing wrong with wanting to be liked by others, what is important is to be vigilant about whether you want to be liked for who you are or are you just trying to be somebody and are hiding your true image under the image-frame that you are expected to fit in.

“I have had instances where I did things that were expected of me rather than what I actually wanted to do. I thought I was learning, but more than that, I was losing – my identity, my individuality, my sense of understanding, and most of all, my existence.”

Do you relate to this? If yes, then that’s your cue number 2.

‘Impactful presence‘ is quite a common term used amongst the B-suits and lectures are delivered upon how to form one. Sometimes we start to run behind building it but what we do forget to take a note of is that while our character speaks volumes for others, our image shouts our very existence.

We run after trying to become ‘somebody’ but we forget to appreciate who we have become.

You’ are a brand in yourself. You have come this far only to look back and pat your back, not to hide behind masks and live in illusion. You are your greatest asset.

Invest a little in yourself today and you’ll surely thank yourself later. Start today, even if you can’t start big, at least start. Educate yourself. Learn, earn, serve and grow.

You have to live with yourself at the end of the day. Build a brand – ‘You’ are happy to promote. Make your heart and mind a better place to rent your soul.

Build ‘You’ and other things will be taken care of.

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Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?

Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?