How To Start A Podcast From Scratch And Become a Successful Podcaster


Have you ever thought about how to start your own podcast?

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There has been an extreme rise in the podcast industry since the pandemic. Here’s what you can consider before becoming a fabulous podcaster! Podfluencer as we say!

All of us in the digital age are constantly exploring ways to influence and inspire through content. Lately, podcasting is one of the mediums that is gaining importance. So, here’s my take on the same that can hopefully help you become podfluencers!

How to start a podcast – Podcast industry insights:

Imagine, you are busy right now and engaged in fitness, kitchen, or driving, would you read through this entire content that is of your interest or would you prefer someone to narrate it and without any effort, you absorb it all while listening?

So here’s why “Audio in the world of the Video” will go a long way.

It is said that India has approximately 57.6 million monthly listeners, and it is the third largest consumer of podcasts (after the United States and China), according to PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2020 study.

How To Start A Podcast ISIM Global Image Magazine

As per the latest trends and increase in interest, the podcast industry is expecting to reach 17.61 million listeners or more by 2023. User penetration is expected to be 43.2% by 2022.

Annual growth expected is around 6.38% resulting in a substantial rise in market volume.

Ever wondered, why the podcast industry would do well in the next few years, while vlogs/video formats have been dominant currently. Because we all are aware listening is a secondary activity and it has more value for the audience who expects relevant content with a targeted approach.

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There is a huge opportunity because of the focus, uninterrupted opportunity to connect, advocacy, and retention of the niche audience creating a larger impact.

Recently, I was fortunate to attend one of the podcast workshops for more insights and gain proper induction on how to go about before you launch your own channel.

3 learnings of the recent masterclass on how to start a podcast are listed below:

  • Influence – How would you influence your audience?
  • Authority – How would you become an authority and derive a valuable perception from the audience?
  • Business – Everyone wants to ultimately monetize? What can be some of the secrets to making people pay you from day 1?

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How To Start A Podcast ISIM Global Image Magazine

In the process to become a podcast expert, you need to identify the main purpose and understand the value proposition that your audience will receive and will continue to stay with you for that very same purpose.

The “Podcast to Profit” blueprint steps involves the following 7 steps:

1. Plan your Podcast

Answer your why, who, how, when, and what in this first step.

2. Create a funnel

Customers to listeners, where are they and how exactly would you reach them?

3. Launch your podcast

Brand it and launch it!

4. Invite experts

Follow the 80:20 principle with your experts.

5. Leverage their network

It’s a win-win game! Let the expert network know about you.

6. Become an Authority

Onboard your real fans! It may take time but have patience.

7. Launch your product and/or service

Here comes the “how to monetize” and some important options to consider

How To Start A Podcast ISIM Global Image Magazine

Mic, audio software, recording & editing software, and publishing platforms are some equipment that will help you get started. There are ample platforms like Spotify, Google, and many more to support your podcasts for further engagement.

Finally, do complete research on the format, audience, concept, and timelines for the podcast.

So, if you are thinking to become a podcaster, let’s get started! Let us know in the comments section about your interest in podcasting and the various topics you would like to make content about!

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Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?

Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?