7 Top Career Opportunities In Soft Skills Training


The significance of Soft Skills in current times cannot be discarded easily. In a rapidly emerging job market, employers seek candidates who not only showcase exceptional hard skills but also come along with a range of essential soft skills.

According to a paper (the class of 2030) by Microsoft and Mckinsey, 30 to 40% of future jobs will depend on Soft skills.

This generates tremendous employment opportunities for Soft Skills trainers across the globe as businesses would look for professionals who would groom their staff as per the workplace requirement.

We have compiled a list of the best Soft Skills training career opportunities that you may pursue after completing your Soft Skills Training Certification. Have a look:

1. Soft Skills Trainer

Soft Skills Trainers are certified training professionals who help individuals struggling with essential skills such as communication, teamwork, emotional intelligence, and much more.

They help individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses, analyze their effectiveness and become more confident with systematic workplace management.

Recent studies in the US in 2014, the average cost of soft skill learning expenditure was $1,208 per employee (Association for Talent Development as cited by Miller 2014). This gives us a clear picture regarding the need for Soft Skills Trainers and their services.

2. Train The Trainer

Train The Trainer professionals are those who teach and help other training professionals to polish their training skills.

As a trainer, it is essential to keep learning and so Train The Trainer professionals help individuals learn efficient teaching skills to convey their knowledge more engagingly.

Hence, a Train The Trainer certification empowers you to learn the skills necessary to help other trainers and leaders leap forth and groom their teams or clients.

3. Public Speaking Coach

The fact that the fear of public speaking AKA Glossophobia exceeds the fear of death is not new. Individuals and professionals dread public speaking that may hinder their professional growth.

A survey conducted by Chapman University claims that 25.3% of people say they feared speaking in front of a crowd.

According to a study by, fear of public speaking has 10% impairment on wages while 15% impairment on promotion.

This is where a Public Speaking Coach comes into the picture who helps individuals improve their public speaking skills with persuasive arguing, empowering delivery, and essential body language cues. Hence, it makes public speaking coach a lucrative career opportunity.

4. Corporate Trainer

Corporate firms and businesses looking to train their employees in competitive advantage and increase their productivity. A Corporate Trainer is thus employed to help professionals overcome the soft skills gap essential to thrive in a business environment.

A wide array of communication skills, business writing etiquette, presentation skills, and other job-oriented technical skills are taught by corporate trainers.

If you are someone who loves to help others and are looking to becoming a trainer in the corporate space, the right certification and training are essential to kick start your career as a Corporate Trainer.

5. Body Language Coach

You may know the renowned classic study by Prof. Albert Mehrabian of the University of California which states that 93% of Communication is a non-verbal form of communication.

He further breaks it down into 7% verbal, 38% vocal, and 55% of body language. It is the 55% of body language skills that most individuals struggle with. This can be improved with the help of a Body Language Coach.

Businesses and individual clients look for Body Language coaches to help them work on the non-verbal aspects of communication with various tools, techniques, and exercises. Hence, becoming a Body Language Coach is something you could pursue as a career.

6. Communication Coach

A lot of individuals and professionals struggle with effective communication due to factors such as cultural background, personality type, and language problems. This negatively affects their workplace growth.

A communication coach helps these individuals identify their shortcomings in communication and help them express themselves in a much more clear and confident way.

You may pursue a career as a Communication coach and work closely with clients by assessing their needs, understanding their communication gaps, and help them overcome their fears.

7. Soft Skills Educator/ Lecturer

Apart from being a trainer or coach, you may also become a Soft Skills educator in various educational institutions. You can help and train aspiring trainers and ensure they meet the industry standards necessary to become a successful Soft Skills Trainer.

Institutions, schools, colleges, and organizations hire Soft skills educators/lecturers to help trainers and students alike gain a deep understanding of Soft Skills and help them polish their skillset and portfolios.

There you go! A comprehensive guide that helps you understand the incredible career opportunities you can pursue in Soft Skills.


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