5 Smart Ways To Become A Successful Soft Skills Trainer


Becoming a Soft Skills Trainer is all about helping individuals improve their interpersonal communication to succeed in their workplace. Did you know that by 2030, 40% of all future jobs would need soft skills? This clearly shows us the ever-increasing demand for soft skills.

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Soft Skills trainers create a lasting impact by helping individuals work on their shortcomings related to communication, behavior, emotional intelligence, empathy, and much more.

Moreover, it takes planning, effort, and execution to kickstart a career in soft skills training. Therefore, we have laid down a step-by-step roadmap on how to become a successful soft skills trainer, the right way.

But first, let’s understand what are soft skills and the need for a soft skills trainer.

What Are Soft Skills?

Simply put, soft skills are life skills.

They help you adjust to the demands of the workplace as well as your personal life. It helps you to adapt to shifting relationships with team members and customers and thrive in a competitive and fast-paced environment. ​

Research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center has concluded that 85% of job success comes from having well‐developed soft and people skills, and only 15% of job success comes from technical skills and knowledge (hard skills).

A professional with a fine balance between his/her Soft Skills and Hard Skills (Technical skills) delivers the best performance at the workplace and achieves remarkable success.

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What Is The Need for Soft Skills?

Now that we know what are soft skills, let us also understand their significance with some statistics:

  • A survey of 9100 recruiters from the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, INDIA, Italy, Sweden, and Australia revealed the most in-demand skills:​
    • Dependability
    • Teamwork/ Collaboration
    • Problem-solving
    • Flexibility
  • The Three Soft Skills Employers Have The Most Trouble Finding:​
    • Critical Thinking
    • Communication
    • Creativity

“18,353 People Applied to Be NASA’s Newest Astronauts. The 11 Who Made the Cut Have Had Exceptional Soft Skills. Your resume, degree and experience are only part of the formula required to succeed.”

James Picano, NASA Psychologist

Roadmap To Become A Soft Skills Trainer In 6 Steps:

1. Start With Education

If you want to establish yourself in any profession, the number one thing you require is to have the right knowledge. Therefore, this first milestone to becoming a soft skills trainer always starts with getting the right education.

It is crucial that you enroll in a holistic and comprehensive soft skills professional training program that equips you with the right knowledge and practical applications. This is the foundation of core knowledge that will help you cement yourself in this domain.

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2. Convert Theory Into Activity

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Once you got the right knowledge and practical concepts, you have to convert your theory into practicals, training, and activities. It is not only important to know what communication skills are.

It is also important for a soft skills trainer, to convert that knowledge into activities and training where you can train other people to become better in their communication. Similarly, leadership, in addition to critical thinking, interpersonal skills, and many other soft skills are people looking to improve.

3. Get International Certification & Recognition

How To Become A Soft Skills Trainer ISIM Global Image Magazine Get Certification

An internationally recognized certification ensures that your knowledge is at par with the international standards across all countries. Above all, it helps you to work in any country or region across the globe. Likewise, it helps to cater to clients from any nationality, locality, or cultural background.

Since the world is a global village, your clients may hail from various companies across the globe that will open opportunities for you on a larger scale. Therefore, it is essential to be well equipped with the right certification to cement your expertise and knowledge.

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4. Develop Your Own Business Model

Along with the high demand for Soft Skills, there are a large of soft skills trainers in the industry. How are you going to stand out from the crowd? Therefore, to figure this out, you need to develop your own business model.

You need to find out who is your target audience, what niche are you going to train in, what is going to be your mode of training, etc. You have to create an exclusive blueprint that not only includes how are going to execute your training but also your marketing strategies.

5. Practice & Get Real-World Experience

Before you actually go out in the market to deliver some hands-on training, you need some practical application of what you have learned.

Consider training small businesses so you can build your work experience. Small businesses and organizations often require employee training. In conclusion, these opportunities can help you gain some experience before you start your full-time career.

Career Opportunities As A Soft Skills Trainer

How To Become A Soft Skills Trainer ISIM Global Image Magazine Career Opportunities

Here we are sharing the lucrative monetary opportunities as a soft skills trainers in the industry on average:

  1. The Average Salary of a Learning and Development Manager in India is INR 14 Lac per annum.
  2. The Average Salary of a Soft Skills Trainer in India is INR 13 Lac per annum.
  3. The average number of job openings for Soft Skills is 11,000.
  4. The number of corporate and SME companies looking for Soft Skills Trainers in India is approximately 23,000.
  5. The number of educational institutes and schools looking for Soft Skills Trainers in India is approximately 2.1 Lac.
  6. The average earning of one day of soft skills training in India is 13,000.
  7. The average earning of a Soft Skill Training Business in India is INR 10 Lac per annum.

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There you go! 5 ways to become a certified soft-skills trainer! If you wish to know more about the roadmap to becoming a soft skills trainer, watch the webinar given below:

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