A Reflection On Encountering Vulnerability


Connection is the innate need of humans. Connection is what gives our life meaning and purpose. Jim Carrey said that the effect we have on others is the most valuable currency there is.

Every connection we form mirrors the connection we have with ourselves. It is vitally important to be true to who we are, to accept ourselves the way we are, then only we will be capable of accepting others for who they are and to love them unconditionally.

Vulnerability is the essence of being human. But in today’s world, vulnerability is considered a weakness, which is why many are not able to experience deep, meaningful connections with others.

Vulnerability is not a weakness but it is the opposite, it is the courage to be who we are, courage to embrace our flaws, courage to be seen.

Many people due to negative experiences or conditioning are afraid to show the world who they are, they feel ashamed of their flaws and thus they put various masks on and wonder why they are not able to form true connections.

But only when people start to peel off the layers of negative beliefs and encounter their vulnerability, do they realize who they really are and how beautiful their true self is.

Here is vulnerability being personified in the form of poetry:

Like a weak man trying to cage it with anger, aggression, or toxic masculinity. 
Like a piston trying to stop the incessant flow of water, only to get doomed as a failure. 
I tried too but she was inevitable. 
She paved her way out and appeared before me with an exuding powerful light, causing me an inexplicable pain.
Engulfed by the sudden storm and overwhelmed by the pain,  
I initially confused her with my demons. 
And then, 
As the storm passed and the veil of the pain lifted, leaving me feeling light and blank. 
There before me she stood, looking right into my eyes, 
‘I recognized you. You are my vulnerability, I said.’
She grinned and then rectified me.’ 
Yes, she was my authentic self. 
Rattled by her powerful presence, 
I froze there in the awe of her glory. 
She then drew herself near me and touched my temples,
inducing a sharp wave of pain, which pulsated through my brain and then through my heart,
breaking the shackles of my nugatory beliefs.
She then withdrew herself and in that moment, as if awakened from a long slumber, I saw everything clearly… 
There stood before me was my beautiful true self. 
And then began a series of realization…… 
Only when I acknowledged my vulnerability, 
I met my authentic self. 
Only when I accepted my vulnerability, 
did I understand what road to freedom looks like.
Only when I allowed myself to be vulnerable, 
I allowed myself to heal. 
Only when I embraced my vulnerability,  
I could embrace my flaws. 
Only when I stopped being afraid of my vulnerability, 
did I actually help others to feel safe with theirs.
Only when I disclosed my vulnerability, 
Did I understand who my true friends were. 
Only when I shared my vulnerability, 
I managed to build a bridge to form true connection.
Only when I took pride in my vulnerability, 
I realized the strength of my character. 
For being vulnerable takes courage,  
as vulnerability is the attribute of the strongest.
For being vulnerable means being human. 
As I understood my lessons, she smiled and merged with me, 
only to wake me up again, this time from my actual sleep,
only to make me realize that she was me.
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Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?